Dr Retha Wiesner, Professor in Management, Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development, USQ

THANK YOU  for a wonderful presentation as part of the USQ/DFAT program! The group sang your praises long after the presentation! 

November 2015

Diane Porteous

"Yolanda, Thank you for telling it how it is. You are an inspiration to all women." I watched Yolanda Vega's recent ABC interview with interest. I have a pharmacy in Tasmania, and have become very concerned as to the comparative (and real) decline of wages in pharmacy (both pharmacists and pharmacy staff), whose employees in Australia are over 80%. It may well be that there is a case for indirect discrimination in this profession. Additionally, there may be a further case against employers who have lobbied against wage rises to members of the SDA union, as this consists mainly of women and represents a substantial portion of the lower paid employees in Australia. One must consider that until enterprise bargaining was introduced, the barometer for wages was the wage of a fitter and turner, who now earns, on average, $97,000 per annum-far more than the average female. Thank you for your excellent representation of females in business, and I hope to hear more about fighting for reasonable female wages."

July 2015

Gina Koutsogiannis, Client Relationship Manager at Scottish Pacific Debtor Finance

"Yolanda, Thank you for telling it how it is. You are an inspiration to all women." 

May 2015

Rob Bianchini, SmithHancock

"Hi Yolanda, I saw you speak and was very impressed with what you had to say." 

April 2014

Annalie Killan, AMP

"Yolanda is a wave-maker and an impact creator with a clarity of vision and drive that I envy, not to mention a global mindset, network and multi-lingual skill-set," 

April 2014

Danielle Higgs, Spotify

"Hi Yolanda, Just wanted to drop you a line and say what a great job you did at the Awards on Saturday night. Very inspiring and motivational!"

April 2014 

Fiona McKenzie, Melbourne based lawyer

"I went to the AWCCI conference and was blown away! The quality of the speakers was fantastic. Yolanda was a brilliant host. The event was run efficiently and with good humour. I found it immensely valuable to meet predominantly with entrepreneurial women, even though men were also welcome! I found that very empowering and encouraging!"

July 2013

Jeff Gilling

"I was delighted to meet you at the AWCCI Access to Capital Workshop in Melbourne on Friday - what a great day it was. Thank you for the work you had put in to organising it - your enthusiasm and passion is contagious!"

July 2013

Kate Kelleher, KC Consultancy Services

"Thank you for such a great day on Thursday (Access to Capital, Sydney)! It was informative, fun, thought provoking with some great “take-aways”. I have to say too, that it was an environment of ‘ease’ i.e.everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The stand-outs for me that fulfilled all of the adjectives above was the session on the Psychology of Money with Justin Hooper and of course - Melissa Browne. What an amazing lady!"

July 2013

Jamie Lee, Teacherpreneur of Kids at SWiTCH

"I just wanted to thank you for hosting such an amazing event yesterday (Access to Capital Workshop). I was deeply inspired!!"

July 2013

Tristan Fahey

"I absolutely LOVED today’s workshop (Access to Capital). It met me exactly where I am at and I am inspired to work even harder to grow Rubifresh (I even got some ideas for my marketing business, Longjump)."

July 2013

Viola, The Business Mum

"I am impressed with your passion and efforts put into such a wonderful AWCCI event! (Access to Capital Workshop) I will support sharing the AWCCI message. Let me know if there is anything that I can be of help at all please."

July 2013

Caroline Banhidy

"Thank you again for a great day on Friday (Access to Capital Workshop). Bruce Billson (Shadow Minister for Small Business) was an engaging and compelling speaker – a great advocate for the cause.."

July 2013

Evelyn Douglas

"I am so impressed at the energy and work you are putting into this very pioneering role. Very well done."

July 2013

Angelina Sun

"Yolanda you are an amazing woman. You give me a lot of inspiration. By the way, like your picture on the child care campaign webpage!

I do see you often in the news; keep up your good work."
July 2013

Jo Turner, Toosh Coosh

"The AWCCI is a valuable resource that supports women in business.

Being a small business owner can be a challenging and lonely road without a network of support. Personally, the AWCCI has assisted me with business planning, exposed me to many resources and introduced me key contacts that have been very beneficial. I would definitely recommend their services to any women looking to grow their business."
July 2013

Jo Scard

"As a woman entrepreneur and SME owner I'm looking forward to the contribution the AWCCI will have this election year and beyond it - raising the issues that count for women in business right across Australia"
June 2013

Tierri Abraham

"Yolanda: You're funny and gorgeous and bloody smart. Thanks for supporting women all over."
February 2013

Claire Braund, Executive Director, Women on Boards

"Heard you on 702 this morning. A very articulate and polished interview. Concur absolutely with all your points - especially as SME owner."

Megan Barrow, Director of AMAMI

"It was an amazing day with brilliant speakers who inspired with their knowledge and goodwill of information. Even as a marketer I got a lot out of the day, in fact I don't think I've taken as many notes in a workshop in a long time! Thank you again; your goodwill has got this new business owner inspired."
October 2012

Carolyn Dean, Director, Wellsites

"Dear Yolanda and team, I wanted to say how great the marketing workshops were; great venue, fantastic (and varied) speakers and incredibly motivational. I felt incredibly lucky to have been able to be part of this. Best wishes."
October 2012

Kate Brighton, Director of the Australian Legal and Business Industry Group (ALBI)

"It was lovely to meet you today, and I'm honoured to be part of what you are doing for women in Australia. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event, filled with great content, excellent speakers and the opportunity to make deeper connections with like minded women. If I can ever be of assistance, please don't hesitate to call."
October 2012

Judith Chapman, Director Executive Succession

"Yolanda, it was a great event, so well done for pulling it off so well. I got some great marketing tips. In fact, it was the best I have been to for marketing advice, so well worthwhile."

Kate, DVLC Shop, Melbourne

"I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and found the presenters inspiring as well as practical. This morning's webinar has given me much to think about."
November 2012

Isabella Conde, Impression Events

"It was really nice meeting you at the AWCCI Workshop last week. I found the workshop interesting and also the number of women (and men) from all sectors of the economy. You should be very proud of your achievements. What I really enjoyed the most was your common sense approach to your organisation - I am not surprised it is doing so well with you at the helm!"
October 29, 2012

Leigh White

"Hi Yolanda, I loved your interview on 702 and have re-listened and re-listened as I continue nodding and agreeing with your words and research findings."
March 12, 2012

Lesley Mathieson-Smith, Matson Group Director

"Wishing you huge successes in the forthcoming year and onwards. Keep going - you are amazing!"
Feburary 15, 2012

Kristi Mansfield, Sydney Women's Fund

"Yolanda, YOU spoke beautifully ... terrific stuff. Well done!"
August 18, 2011

Debra Tsilfidis

"Hi Yolanda, It was lovely to meet you this week, and hear your presentation to further motivate and inspire! "
23 July, 2011

Kathleen Rogers, President Earth Day

"So great to meet you Yolanda! You were so great at Future Journeys event!"
28 June, 2011

Kara Beavis, Principal Policy Officer, Office for Women Qld

"Yolanda I found your energy and vision contagious!"
May 16, 2011

Dear Yolanda


THANK YOU  for a wonderful presentation as part of the USQ/DFAT program! The group sang your praises long after the presentation! 

Dr Retha Wiesner, Professor in Management, Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development, USQ