Speak Up - Women in the Chain

Speak Up - Women in the Chain

Dear Minister and Male Champions of Change 

I write to request that you set targets and include women in your supply chain.

Today, in Australia and around the world, women are unable to procure contracts. World Bank data states women procure only 1% of all contracts. Around 40% of businesses trading in Australia are owned and run by women; there are now more women than men business owners in the 35 to 44 year-old group (ABS).

Female entrepreneurs don't want hand-outs, we want equality within supply chains.

Governments and Industry have the ability to use their purchasing power; it's time to include women and set targets. (In the United States 5% of all Federal Govt. contracts go to women business owners).

I request you take immediate action: collect data, set targets and give women a fair go within supply chains!


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